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Mark Agnew - Scottland

After numerous attempts to navigate the challenging Northwest Passage, Scottish adventurer Mark Agnew and his three American teammates achieved success. The expedition, spanning 102 days from July 1 to October 12, commenced in Baffin Bay and officially concluded upon reaching the Beaufort Sea—the internationally recognized western boundary of the Northwest Passage.

Since 2013, various teams have endeavored to traverse this passage solely under human power, excluding sails and motors. The harsh elements, dense ice, and diverse wildlife make navigating the Northwest Passage a formidable maritime challenge and a thrilling adventure. Typically only navigable for a brief period in the summer, the full transit represents a significant accomplishment.

For successfully completing one of the world's last great kayaking adventures, Mark Agnew is honored as the European Adventurer of the Year 2023.

European adventurer of the year 2023 



Kristin Harila - Norway

“She is 36 years old and on her way to becoming a mountain legend. She entered the world of big mountains only seven years ago, when she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2015. Now she is the fastest woman to climb Mount Everest and Lhotse in less than 12 hours. During 2022, she has reached 12 of the world’s 14 highest peaks above 8,000 meters.
​This was during her attempt to beat Nirmal Purja’s speed record and complete the summits in less than 6 months, when only two missing permits by the China government could stop her from completion. With her strong spirit, speed and spirit of adventure, Kristin Harila has shown the world that women can conquer the world’s greatest mountains and play in the same league as men. She also plans to return in 2023 to climb the two missing peaks and complete her +8,000-meter challenge.”

European adventurer of the year 2022 



Fedor Konyukhov - Russia

Born 1951, is a legend in his home country – and practicing Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

He is the first Russian to have completed the 7 Summits and also the so-called Explorers Grand Slam. His career as an adventurer led him to take world records within sailing, ballooning and rowing around the globe.

From December 2018 to May 2019, Fedor made the first successful rowing across the Southern Ocean from New Zealand to the Drake Channel, Chile on the rowing boat AKROS. Passed through the lag 11 525 kilometers (6 402 nautical miles) in 154 days 13 hours and 37 minutes. He set several world records during this adventure.

In recognition to this outstanding accomplishments and a lifetime full of extraordinary achievements, we are honored to present this award. 

European adventurer of the year 2019-2020 



Radu Paltineanu - Romania

“As the first Romanian to cycle the Panamericana from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Radu Paltineanu accomplished a trip which altogether took him 34.000km and more than three years in execution.
He accomplished the most difficult and dangerous part during 2018 with his irrepressible trust in people and reasonable adrenalin of the unknown alongside his journey.

Following his adventure goal and taking sideways to explore country and culture will inspire many of his countrymen and fellow adventurers.” 

European adventurer of the year 2018 



Fredrika Ek - Sweden

​“Through her 1042 days on a bike, Fredrika Ek has shown the world that a young girl with a strong mind can conquer the world. After 51 000 km and 45 different countries, she finished a truly great adventure, arriving home in Sweden.

​She was driven by a strong will and a desire to help other women around the world by fundraising 75 000 euro for the Action Aid program.”

European adventurer of the year 2017 



Louis-Philippe Loncke - Belgium

“Driven by the idea of crossing unpathed land alone and with the help of thorough planning and a strong will, Belgium Louis-Philippe Lonke proved that it is possible to walk the deserts with a backpack by carrying all supplies himself. His accuracy and focus made his demanding adventure possible.

Louis-Philippe displayed that following dreams and achieving outstanding outcomes in adventures are possible as an amateur and without the help of massive budgets and technical support. It is inspiring to a wide audience of people who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle.

European adventurer of the year 2016 



Freya Hoffmeister - Germany

"Fueled by immense courage and determination (and powered by a paddle) the 51-year-old German Freya Hoffmeister is by far one of the worlds most adventurous sea kayakers.

Last year, she completed the first ever circumnavigation of the South American continent in a kayak.


The trip, a 27000 kilometre long journey via Cape Horn and the Panama Canal that was divided in to six separate segments, took four years to complete".

European adventurer of the year 2015 



Kilian Jornet - Spain

”By combining trail running and mountaineering Catalan, Kilian Jornet have established the hybrid sport among both runners and climbers.

He has also created a general interest and inspiration for the mountains by showing that great achievements can be reached by hard work and love to the sport.


By breaking record on high and difficult summits like Mount McKinley and Aconcagua he have taken the dream even further.”

European adventurer of the year 2014 



Sarah Marquis - Schweiz

”To walk solo demands a strong mind and smart choices. To walk from Siberia to Australia during a period of three years also demands great planning and amazing will power.

Sarah Marquis great walk shows that the easiest way to travel - by fot - is still a great way to explore the world and pushing your limits.”

European adventurer of the year 2013 



Felix Baumgartner - Austria

The 14 of october Felix Baugartner dived from his space capsule towards earth in a special designed suit to show that the big adventure are still out there.

Together with Red Bull, Felix made an extremely complex adventure into entertainment by using new technology.

For pushing the adventure to higher level and showing that not only airplanes can brake the sound barrier, Felix Baumgartner is the winner of the 2012 award. 

European adventurer of the year 2012 



Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner - Austria

To the first woman in the world to have climbed all the 14 pieces of 8000-meter peaks without oxygen.

Despite tragic setbacks and that she had several times been forced to turn to the most difficult and dangerous of all the mountain K2, she managed to finally complete all the peaks and show that she is an Alpinist of the world.

European adventurer of the year 2011 



Ed Stafford - England

“By walking the entire length of the Amazon River, has the English explorer and former British-army captain Ed Stafford, completed something that no human previously succeeded with.

His expedition ranged more than 6 700 kilometers from the Peruvian Andes across Colombia and into Brazil to the river’s outlet in the Atlantic Ocean – a journey which took over 860 days and gave an insight in the life’s of the locals in a endangered rainforest.

For having completed one of the worlds last great adventures, the European Adventurer of the Year 2010 is awarded Ed Stafford.”

European adventurer of the year 2010 



Simono Moro - Italy

Simone Moro is one of the gigants in the climbing world, with over 40 expeditions in his back-pack. He recieves the first European Adventurer of the Year award for his winther decent of Makalu (8463 meters). The fifth highest mountain in the world.

The mountain have challenged the climbing society since 1980 when the first attempt was made. Simone made the decent with Denis Urubko in february 2009.

European adventurer of the year 2009 

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