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Nominate the next winner

Who will become the next The Adventurer of the Year?

Nominate here:

Please have this in mind.


The purpose of the award is to award a male, female or a team of adventurers, and to highlight  and clarify the adventure as a phenomenon and the desire and incentive to invest and implement. The award consists of the honor and recognition of the achievement.


Selection criteria for the adventurer is first and foremost that this is not about some kind of contest. Performance may have occurred anywhere in the world but out in nature and within a year back in time. 

1. No requirement that the person won any type of competition or racing. 
2. Performance must have occurred in nature, anywhere in the world. 
3. Performance shall be made within one year from the price dividend date. 
4. People must be European citizens. 
5. Winners need not to be "public / known". 
6. They must accept that we use their name and pictures in the future. 
7. We will nominate a man, a woman or a team each year. 
8. Individuals must be able to attend the award ceremony in connection with the ISPO Fair in Munich.

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