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Kristin Harila - EAY 2022

Munich, November 29th, 2022

Kristin Harila receives European Adventurer of the Year Award
Norwegian mountaineer Kristin Harila has been awarded European Adventurer of the Year 2022 for her big mountain climbing and adventure achievement during 2022. With this adventure Kristin one again show that women are as strong on high altitude climbing the biggest mountain on the globe. The winner was presented at the ISPO Fair in Munich on Tuesday 29th of November.
The 36 years old Norwegian and former cross country skier started her +8000 meters climbing adventure only seven years ago, now she is showing the world that she can and will conquer the biggest mountains around the globe. She is now planning to complete the last two of the 14 +8000 meters peaks. During 2023 she will try to do the +8000 meters peaks ones again, under 6 month and 6 days, this time without oxygen. This is truly inspiring, and we all look forward to the climbing
The jury motivation was as follows:  
“She is 36 years old and on her way to becoming a mountain legend. She entered the world of big mountains only seven years ago, when she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2015. Now she is the fastest woman to climb Mount Everest and Lhotse in less than 12 hours. During 2022, she has reached 12 of the world’s 14 highest peaks above 8,000 meters. This was during her attempt to beat Nirmal Purja’s speed record and complete the summits in less than 6 months, when only two missing permits by the China government could stop her from completion. With her strong spirit, speed and spirit of adventure, Kristin Harila has shown the world that women can conquer the world’s greatest mountains and play in the same league as men. She also plans to return in 2023 to climb the two missing peaks and complete her +8,000-meter challenge.”

About European Adventurer of the Year
The winner of the European Adventurer of the Year is a person or a group that has inspired people to experience outdoor life and adventure through remarkable achievements anywhere in the world. The winner and nominees have shown determination, persistence, courage and a pioneering spirit in order to obtain their goals. The award is a way to highlight the desire and determination that these people possess.
The award consists of the honor and recognition of achievement and the winner is presented at the ISPO Fair in Munich each year. 

PRESSRELEASE - 2023-04-10, Stockholm

The Road Ahead , Episode 2 - Sweden 2 Spain

Stockholm, April 10th, 2023

Swedish adventurer and entrepreneur Fredrik Erixon will during June undertake an adventure that has never been done before. To get from Sweden to Spain on roller skis. Coping with dubbel-pulling on small roller skis, handling the warmsummer weather, doing all navigation, riding on public roads, filming and staying focused on personal safety, this is just some of the parts Frederik will meet during the craziest ski adventure one can imagine.

Crossing Europe on roller skis is a physical and mental challenge like no other.

Fredrik Erixon's adventure across Europe on roller skis is a different and unique adventure, one that has absolutely never been done before. Doing this “slow travel” is something that he think is important and will show the best sides of the different countries and people on the way.

An important part of the adventure involves the “old way” of travelling. Fredrik explains - In today's society, everyone is travels everywhere, all the time. But no one really travels. Today, the journey is nothing more than a quick transport to a destination.

This adventure is about the joy and appreciation of the simplicity of a slow journey, and just to be able to feel good, and finding what things that might be worth a detour on the great roads of Europe.

Getting across Europe on roller skis and experiencing the journey, not the destination, will be a big part of the adventure and will build the story in the upcoming film about the adventure of going down to Spain on roller skis.

Fredrik himself, and partly together with a film crew, will ride aprox. 90 km on roller skis every day for 30 days. Simultaneously producing a documentary film and creating the second episode of the Road Ahead adventure. The film will not just highlight the challenge of the trip but also the joy of being out in nature and on the roads of Europe. He will start on the 29:th of may in the south of Sweden, passing Copenhagen, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Lyon and reaching Barcelona in the beginning of july.

More info at:
+46 708 930355

2011 - Press Association and BBC

Amazon trek adventurer given award A British explorer who became the first person to walk the entire length of the Amazon has been given the title European Adventurer of the Year.

Former Army officer Ed Stafford, 35, reached the mouth of the river in Brazil in August last year, 859 days after setting off from its source high in the mountains of Peru.

Along the way he encountered venomous snakes, electric eels and piranhas, as well as being wrongly accused of murder and chased by tribesmen armed with machetes, shotguns and bows and arrows.

Stafford, from Mowsley, Leicestershire, received the award at an event called the Wilderness Fair in Stockholm.

The jury for the award said he was being presented with it "for having completed one of the world's last great adventures".

It added: "His expedition ranged more than 6,700 kilometres from the Peruvian Andes across Colombia and into Brazil and gave an insight into the lives of the locals in an endangered rainforest."

Stafford said: "It means a lot that the expedition has been recognised in this way; in walking the length of the Amazon river I hoped to create an adventure so exciting it drew people into my unfolding story online, and into the Amazon itself. This award is for all those who followed my adventure online, and who sent messages of support and money for the charities."

The Adventurer of the Year was set up in 2005 in Sweden. European Adventurer of the Year was added to the awards last year and the first recipient was Italian climber Simone Moro.

It recognises a person for their outstanding performance in the concept of adventure.

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