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The purpose of the award is to put focus on adventures as a phenomenon and highlight the human desire and motivation to achieve her dreams. 

Our purpose

The Criteria:

The Adventurer of the Year is an award that each year elects a person for outstanding performance in the concept of adventure.

​The purpose of this award is to clarify the adventure as a phenomenon and highlight the human desire and motivation to implement and achieve their dreams.

The Adventurer of the Year award is a recognition of not just physical prowess, but also a celebration of the indomitable human spirit. - Fredrik Erixon, Founder 

No requirement that the person won any type of competition or race.

The project can take place anywhere in the world, but must have taken place out in nature.

The project shall be executed within one year from the price dividend date.

Winners doesn’t have to be a public or famous person.

The winners must accept that we use their name and pictures in the future.

De måste godkänna att vi använder deras namn och bild i framtiden.

We will award and select one person, a man or one woman per year.

Individuals must be able to attend the award ceremony

Our mission

Is to inspire people to break out of their comfort zone and make their next adventure a reality.

- Fredrik Erixon, Founder of Adventurer of the Year

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